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SnapBin Containers

SnapBin Containers

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SnapBin Containers


  • Description

    Product Description

    The SnapBin shipping and storage container system transforms a good idea—the “knock-down” container—into a great idea. That’s because, unlike folding-wall containers, the patented SnapBin design allows all walls to be completely detached from the pallet. The system is comprised of a pallet base and four independent sides, fitted together to create a strong and durable container while offering space savings when not in use. Four disassembled containers fit into one SnapBin with the pallet bases nested on top. Five SnapBins can fit into the same footprint as one. It means savings up to 63% storage area space. Removable walls provide easy access for loading and unloading. All panels are interchangeable and can be replaced one at a time if damaged. SnapBins come in solid and vented walls, with options for extended heights. You cut replacement and inventory costs…and never risk downtime from a lack of container inventory.